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The following topics have been identified in partnership with University operational departments and faculty from various academic departments to assist students in identifying potential JP, Senior Thesis and graduate research topics using the campus itself as a living laboratory for sustainability problem-solving.

Please browse below, or use the sorting options to the right to narrow your search by topic or discipline. Contact the Campus as Lab team, Caroline Savage and Gina Talt '15, for more information or questions!

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Princeton Vertical Farming Project: Assist with outreach/marketing efforts of the sale of the farm's harvest production to Campus Dining, Terrace Eating Club, and/or greater community

Topics: food, purchasing
Disciplines: humanities and arts, social sciences

Do diners waste more food when they know leftovers will go to a composting facility? If so, what interventions might be effective at changing behavior?

Disciplines: humanities and arts, social sciences

Design several recycling signs with different messaging. Which most effectively reduces contamination in recycling bins and reduces landfill waste?

Disciplines: humanities and arts, social sciences

Why do Helm building occupants still use paper cups when they were given reusable mugs?

Disciplines: humanities and arts, social sciences

Are current strategies effective at improving the water quality of Carnegie Lake? Which regional strategies would improve it further?

Topics: landscape, water
Disciplines: engineering, natural sciences

Which building materials and designs best conserve energy for heating and cooling?

Topics: energy, buildings
Disciplines: engineering

Conduct an ecological assessment of campus natural systems including habitat types, biodiversity, soil characteristics, and more.

Topics: landscape
Disciplines: natural sciences

What are the most effective mechanisms to encourage University faculty, staff and commuting students to utilize public transportation, bicycles, and walking to get to and from campus?

Disciplines: humanities and arts, social sciences